Eugene Capers Zemp (22 Sep. 1854-16 Nov. 1903)

Eugene C. Zemp was the son of Dr. Francis Leslie Zemp (1819-1893), an immigrant from Switzerland and a resident of Camden, SC, and his second wife, Abathiah Elizabeth (Capers) Zemp (1831-1909). The Zemps were considered to be “an old family in that historic city” by the 1920s. Eugene Zemp attended U.Va. in session 50 (1873-74).  He married Mary Grizella Blakeney (1850-1926) about 1875, and the couple had eight children: Louise Blakeney, Charles Herbert, Henrietta DuBose, Albert Sydney, Elizabeth Capers, James Blakeney, Ernest Capers, and Benton Cassels Zemp. Eugene Zemp was a lifelong resident of Camden and was employed as a clerk and bank cashier. He died in Camden in 1903, and was buried in the Quaker Cemetery, Camden, SC.


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