Charles Albert Yancey (19 Feb. 1839-14 Nov. 1880)

Charles A. Yancey was born in eastern Rockingham County, VA, probably at the family home, Riverbank; his parents were Col. William Burbridge Yancey (1803-1858) and his wife, Mary Kyle (Smith) Yancey (1804-1845). (Charles Albert Yancey was a third cousin of Charles Kavanaugh Yancey of Culpeper County, VA.) Charles attended Professor White’s school at Mossy Creek, VA, prior to attending U.Va. in session 37 (1860-1861).

He enlisted in the Confederate Army on 1 May, 1862, as a private in the 6th Regiment of Virginia Cavalry, under the command of Captain E. S. Yancey, his brother. He mustered out at the surrender at the rank of lieutenant. After the war, Yancey set up his legal practice in Harrisonburg, VA. In 1873, Charles A. Yancey was named a Commissioner and Director of Rockingham Bank, and in 1877, he and his nephew Edward Smith Conrad, established Yancey & Conrad, a law firm in Harrisonburg, VA. This law firm still exists under the name Litton & Sipe, LLP.

On 24 Jan. 1867, Yancey married Julia Porterfield Morrison (1839-1913), a native of Cumberland, MD. The couple had five children: Charlotte Page, Julia Morrison, Daniel Burbridge, Charles (d. infant), and Nannie Smith Yancey. Charles A. Yancey died in 1880, and his funeral was said to be one of the largest held in Harrisonburg up to that date. He is buried in Woodbine Cemetery, in Harrisonburg.


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