Garrett Anderson (21 July 1839-4 Aug. 1904)

Garrett A. F. Anderson was born in King and Queen County, VA, the son of Beverly Anderson (1807-1883) and his wife, Frances S. (Carr) Anderson (1805-1895). He earned an A.M. degree from Randolph-Macon College, then attended the University of Virginia in session 35 (1858-1859) and earned his Doctor of Medicine diploma. To further his medical education, Anderson entered the University of the City of New York and graduated in 1860 with honors. He was then appointed resident physician at Bellevue Hospital in New York City, where he worked until the beginning of the Civil War. At that point, he returned to Virginia and enlisted at the rank of hospital steward in Company C of the Virginia 24th Cavalry Regiment, CSA. After the war, Anderson resumed his medical practice in King and Queen County.

On 28 Feb. 1861, Dr. Anderson married Annie E. Sears (1838-1883); their children were: Cora Lee, Clementine B., and Garrett Anderson Jr. (d. young). Anderson’s second wife, whom he married on 3 Mar. 1885, was Etta B. V. Bland (1859-1947). Anderson was active in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South for many years. He died at his home in Shackleford’s, VA. Oddly enough, Dr. Anderson has two tombstones, one in the Cemetery of Shackelford’s Chapel United Methodist Church in Plain View, VA, and one at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA.


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