Samuel Lewis Arrington, Jr. (2 Jan. 1839-14 Sept. 1862)

Samuel L. Arrington, Jr. of Montgomery, AL, was the son of Samuel Lewis Arrington, Sr. (1806-1878) — an Alabama state senator from 1833-1843 — and his wife, Eliza Nicholson. He attended the University of Virginia in sessions 35-36 (1858-1860). During the Civil War he served as a lieutenant in the 31st Alabama Infantry Regiment, CSA, which was organized in April 1862 in Talladega, AL. The regiment was at the battle of the Cumberland Gap, TN (18 June 1862) and the battle of  Tazewell, TN (6 Aug. 1862). On 14 Sept. 1862, Arrington Jr. died of typhoid at Tazewell. His body was sent home, and he was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Montgomery, AL. He rests near his younger brother, Archibald Hunter Arrington, who died on 15 July 1862 of wounds suffered in the charge on Malvern Hill near Richmond, VA.


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