Joseph Tyler Allyn, Jr. (9 Aug. 1840-20 July 1904)

Joseph Tyler Allyn, Jr. was the son of Joseph Tyler Allyn (1795-1862) of Montgomery, MD, and his wife, Elizabeth Avery (1803-1871) of Montgomery, MA. Allyn Jr. attended Washington College (now Washington and Lee) in 1858-1860, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts. He entered the University of Virginia in session 37 (1860-1861), but when the Civil War began, he enlisted in Floyd’s Brigade, Virginia, CSA, later transferring to the Norfolk Light Artillery Blues in his home town. He had entered the army at the rank of private, and by the time of the surrender at Appomattox, he had been promoted to the rank of captain by special appointment.

He entered U.Va. in session 44 (1867-1868) to study law. After passing the bar, he set up his law office in Norfolk, VA, where he practiced for thirty-five years. He served on the Norfolk City Council. On 16 Dec. 1868, Allyn Jr. married Mary Russell Bell (1843-1931). Their children were: Elizabeth, Joseph Tyler (also a graduate of U.Va. Law), Russell (d. infant), Emily Whitehead, Mabel Moore, and Henry Avery Allyn. The Allyn family is buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Norfolk, VA.


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