Coalter Family (King William County, VA)

St. George Tucker Coalter (2 June 1809-19 Aug. 1839) was the son of Virginia Court of Appeals Judge John Coalter (1769-1838) and his third wife, Ann Frances Bland Tucker (1785-1813). Ann was the daughter of St. George Tucker, a noted lawyer, jurist, and law professor in Revolutionary Virginia, and through her mother, Frances (Bland) Randolph Tucker, was the half-sister of Congressman John Randolph of Roanoke. John and Ann Coalter had 3 children, St. George Tucker, Frances, and Elizabeth, but only St. George Tucker and Elizabeth had children.

Coalter was born in Staunton, VA, during the early period of his father’s career, and then was educated in Richmond, VA, schools. He attended the University of Virginia in sessions 2-4 (1826-1828), and spent the rest of his life as a farmer at his father’s Chatham estate in King William County, VA.

On 16 Dec. 1829, St. George Tucker Coalter married Judith “Judy” Harrison Tomlin (1808-1859), and they had the following children: Walker Tomlin (d. young), John, Henry Tucker, Ann Frances Bland, Virginia Braxton, and St. George Tucker Coalter Jr. St. George Tucker Coalter Sr. died at the age of 30 of an unspecified illness that had plagued him all his life. He is buried at St. George’s Episcopal Church, Fredericksburg, VA. Though he has only a small stone marker, he is noted in the inscription on his father’s memorial:

Touching this spot lie the remains of St. George Tucker Coalter, Esq., only son of John Coalter, who followed his Father to the grave before this tomb was completed. He died August 19, 1839, Aged 30 years 2 Months and 7 Days. A son worthy of such a father.

St. George Tucker Coalter’s three sons also attended the University of Virginia, John Coalter in sessions 26-28 (1849-1852), Henry Tucker Coalter in sessions 26-30 (1849-1854), and St. George Tucker Coalter in session 36 (1859-1860).

John Coalter (13 Oct. 1831-1883) was born at Chatham in King William County County, VA, and settled in Petersburg, VA, prior to the Civil War. During the war he served in the Confederate States Army (CSA). He resumed farming after the war was over, and died having never married.

Henry Tucker Coalter (23 Jan. 1832-1870) was also born at Chatham. Prior to and after the Civil War he practiced law in King William County. During the war he served as a captain in the CSA. He died at his home, never having married.

St. George Tucker Coalter, Jr. (22 May 1838-27 Aug. 1897) was also born at Chatham. [N.B. The U.Va. Matriculation Books give the birthdate of 22 May 1840 for this man.] He graduated from Hanover Academy prior to attending U.Va. He was engaged in farming before and after the Civil War, and served in the CSA. Coalter married, first, in 1862, Amelia Drewry (b. ca. 1844), and second, in 1868, his first wife’s widowed sister, Charlotte Eucebia (Drewry) Terrill (1838-1916). Coalter and his first wife had three children: Judith Harrison, St. George Tucker, and Martin Drewry Coalter; he and his second wife had five children: Augustus Drewry, Harrison Tomlin, Henry St. John, Randolph Tucker, and Amelia Drewry Coalter. He died of apoplexy at his home, “Brandywine,” in King William County, and was buried at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA.


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