Edward Clifford Anderson Jr. (7 Jan. 1839-27 Sep. 1876)

Edward C. Anderson Jr. was born in Savannah, Georgia, the son of George Wayne Anderson (1796-1872), president of Planters Bank of Savannah, and his wife, Eliza Clifford (Stites) Anderson (1805-1865). Young Anderson was the namesake of his uncle, Edward C. Anderson, who at one time was the mayor of Savannah. Anderson Jr. attended the University of Virginia in sessions 33-36 (1856-1860).

On 8 Nov. 1860, he married Jane Margaret Randolph (1840-1914) from Albemarle County, VA, a great great granddaughter of President Thomas Jefferson. (Jefferson’s daughter Martha married Thomas Mann Randolph Jr., and had Thomas Jefferson Randolph. T. J. Randolph married Jane Hollins Nicholas, and had Margaret Smith Randolph, who married her first cousin, William Mann Randolph. William and Margaret were the parents of Jane Margaret (Randolph) Anderson.) Edward C. and Jane (Randolph) Anderson had the following children: Jefferson Randolph, George Wayne, Elizabeth Clifford, Margaret Randolph, and Sarah Randolph Anderson.

He began his career as a banker in 1860, but when the Civil War started Anderson enlisted in the 24th Georgia Volunteer Cavalry, CSA, which later was combined with other units to form the 7th Regiment of the Georgia Volunteer Cavalry. In the 7th Georgia Cavalry he attained the rank of major, then colonel. He was wounded in action at the Battle of Trevillians Station. After the Civil War, Edward C. Anderson, Jr. earned a living as a cotton broker, as well as in banking and planting. He died in Savannah in 1876, a victim of yellow fever, and is buried in Laurel Grove Cemetery North there, with several other members of his family.


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