Burditt Washington Ashton (27 Feb. 1840-3 July 1863)

B. W. Ashton was born in King George County, VA, the son of Charles H. Ashton (1806-d. 1860) and his wife, Mary Smith White (1804-1867). He spent three years at the Hanover Academy before attending the University of Virginia in sessions 36-37 (1859-1861). Having dropped out of the University upon his father’s death in Dec. 1860, Ashton enlisted as a private in Company K, 30th Virginia Infantry in July 1861. The next year he was transferred to Company C, 9th Virginia Cavalry. He was involved in numerous engagements as a part of the Army of Northern Virginia, and was killed on 3 July, 1863, at the Battle of Gettysburg. His body was never recovered.


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