Arthur Jay Arnold (25 Aug. 1838-13 June 1862)

A. Jay Arnold, as he was listed in the University of Virginia Matriculation Books, was born in Alexandria, VA. From entries in the 1850 and 1860 censuses, we believe that his parents were John (1811-1877) and Ann Eliza (1817-1878) Arnold, however his “parent or guardian” listed in the U.Va. Matriculation Books is William Arnold of Alexandria, VA. (A. Jay Arnold’s birthdate is also from the Matriculation Books.) John Arnold was a hatter, and plied his trade on King Street in Alexandria until his death.  At least one of his sons, Robert, took up the trade after him.

A. Jay Arnold attended the University of Virginia in sessions 35-36 (1858-1860), and became a teacher. However, the Civil War intervened, and on 11 May 1861, he enlisted in the CSA as a sergeant  in Company I of the 5th Virginia Infantry. He was promoted to 1st Lieutenant in April 1862. Two months later he was killed at the Battle of Port Republic, VA, during Stonewall Jackson’s Valley Campaign.


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