Fugate Clark (1837-4 Aug. 1889)

Fugate Clark was born in Wythe County, VA (in a location that is now in Pulaski County), and was the son of John Clayborn Clark (1812-1862) and his wife, Eliza Jane Fugate (1817-1887). The younger Clark attended the University of Virginia in sessions 36-37 (1859-1861). He was awarded the doctor of medicine degree on 1 July 1861.

On 5 September 1861, he enlisted as a private in Company C, of the 4th Virginia Infantry Regiment, CSA. He was promoted on 30 Apr. 1862 to Full Assistant Surgeon and received a commission in Company S of the 34th Virginia Cavalry Battalion Regiment (called Witcher’s Battalion, Virginia Mounted Rifles).

On 7 Sep. 1863, Fugate Clark married Mary Jane Carnahan (1834-1919) (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 28 Feb. 1919). They had one child, Albert Bruce Clark, who became a doctor like his father. After the surrender, Dr. Clark established a medical practice in the town of Radford Furnace in Pulaski County.


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