Charles Edward Livingston Allison (12 Mar 1837-7 May 1916)

Charles E. L. Allison was born in Apalachicola, FL. He was the son of Abraham Kyrkyndal Allison (1810-1893), the sixth Governor of Florida (served 1 Apr. 1865-19 May 1865), and his first wife, Mary Jane Nathans (1820-1850). The Allison House Inn is located in the house that Abraham Allison built in Quincy, FL, in 1843.

Charles Allison attended the University of Virginia in session 33 (1856-1857). On 12 Mar. 1862, he enlisted as a 1st lieutenant in Company A (the Florida Guards) of the 6th Florida Infantry Regiment; he was promoted to Full Captain on 16 Nov. 1863. In his enlistment papers, his profession was described as “newspaper editor.”

“The sixth Florida Infantry Regiment was organized at the Chattahoochee Arsenal in April 1862. It was then ordered to East Tennessee and participated in the 1862 Kentucky Campaign. In the summer of 1863, the regiment was ordered to Chattanooga. It fought in the battle of Chickamauga and in the Chattanooga Campaign. During the winter of 1863-64 the Sixth Florida was brigaded together with the other Florida regiments in the Army of the Tennessee. The Sixth fought in the Atlanta Campaign and in Hood’s Tennessee Campaign before surrendering in the North Carolina in April 1865.” (Schmidt)

Allison lost his right arm in the battle of Chickamauga in 1863. In 1865, he established and edited a newspaper in his hometown of Quincy, FL, which he called the Quincy Commonwealth, and developed his practice as an attorney. By 1870, the U.S. Census lists him as a “lawyer & editor.” In 1885, the Florida State Census gives his profession as “Supt. of Schools.” Allison was also instrumental in the development of the Ladies’ Confederate Memorial Association in Quincy, and was described by one lady as “always interested and one of the foremost in every work and celebration.” (CSMA, p. 77)

As far as I can find out, Charles Allison never married. He died in Sevier, Arkansas in 1916.


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