Richard Lee Turberville Beale (22 May 1819-21 Apr. 1893)

Richard L. T. Beale was born in Westmoreland County, VA, the son of Robert Beale (1759-1843) and his wife, Martha Felicia Turberville (1786-1822). He studied at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, and attended the University of Virginia’s Dept. of Law in session 14 (1837-1838). He was a lawyer by profession and set up his practice in Hague, Virginia. He was elected to the U.S. Congress and served as a Representative from 1847-1849. Beale was a delegate to the Virginia Constitutional Convention in 1850, and served in the Virginia Senate in 1858-1860.

When Virginia seceded from the Union, Beale enlisted in a cavalry unit called Lee’s Light Horse, which was later included in the 9th Virginia Cavalry Regiment, part of the Army of Northern Virginia. Beale rose through the ranks, and was a Brigadier General at the time of the surrender. Following the war, Beale returned to Hague, and resumed his law practice and was a farmer. He served in the U.S. House of Representatives again in 1879-1881.

Beale married Lucy Maria Brown (1820-1894), and had the following children: George William, Robert Hunter, Richard Channing, Louise M. (d. young), Frank Brown, Thomas Arthur, Gertrude Turberville, and John Lee Beale. Richard L. T. Beale died in 1893, and was buried in Hickory Hill Cemetery in Hague, VA, where he rests with his parents, his wife, and several of his children.


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