William Russell Anderson (15 Mar 1835-3 Mar. 1918)

William Russell Anderson was the son of the Hon. Thomas Lilbourne Anderson (1808-1885) of Palmyra, Missouri, and his first wife, Russella Easton (1809-1840). William attended the University of Virginia in sessions 32-33 (1855-1857) and graduated in the classics department. “He read law with his father and was admitted to the bar in 1860,” and established a law practice in Palmyra. (Bench and bar) He held a number of local and state offices, including serving as city attorney and on the school board, as well as in the state general assembly.

On 30 May, 1860, he married Anna McPheeters (1838-1901); the couple had seven children: James McPheeters, Thomas Lilbourne, William Russell, Caroline McPheeters (d. young), Ann McPheeters, Russella Easton, and Mary Alby Anderson. (Kentucky Historical Society) Anderson and his wife are buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Palmyra, MO.


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