Abrahams Family (Alabama)

William Thomas Abrahams (29 May 1834-17 Sep. 1898) and James Lattimore Abrahams (21 May 1842-8 Mar. 1927) were born at Newman, GA, to James Armistead Abrahams (1804-1881) of Virginia, and his wife, Sara Truly Ward (b. 1812), of Georgia. James Abrahams moved his family to Livingston, AL, in the early nineteenth century.

William Thomas Abrahams studied medicine at the University of Virginia in sessions 28-30 (1851-1854), and graduated with an M.D.  He also studied at the New York Medical College. By 1857, he was settled in McKinley, AL, and had started a practice there.

When the Civil War began, Abrahams joined the Confederate army as a private in the 4th Alabama Regiment, but was soon appointed surgeon, in which post he served for the rest of the war. After the war, Abrahams worked as a merchant broker in Mobile, AL.

On 24 Nov. 1868, William Thomas Abrahams married Annie King Crocheron. Their children were: Crocheron, James, and Anne C. Abrahams. Dr. Abrahams is buried in McMillan Family Cemetery, McKinley, Alabama.

James L. Abrahams attended the University of Virginia in sessions 37-38 (1860-1862). He was a member of Upsilon Chapter of Delta Psi at U.Va. He was a physician, like his brother, and served as surgeon of the 43rd Alabama regiment of the Confederate Army. Lived in Houston, TX.

After the Civil War, Dr. Abrahams moved to Texas, where he settled in Houston. He married first Annie Ely (1845-1893). Their children were Portia, Armistead Lattimore, and Horatio Abrahams. On 25 Oct. 1896, he married secondly, Elizabeth Good (b. Oct. 1862), a widow; they did not have any children by this marriage. By 1920, Abrahams was a widower, living with his nephew and the nephew’s family in Houston. Dr. James L. Abrahams and his first wife, Annie, are buried in Glenwood Cemetery, in Houston, Texas.


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