Charles Kimbrough Anderson (10 Jun. 1833-15 Jul. 1898)

Charles K. Anderson was the son of Robert H. Anderson (b. 1791) of Nelson County, Virginia, and his wife, Susan M. Kimbrough (b. 1801). He studied at the University of Virginia in session 30 (1853-1854). By 1860, he was practicing medicine in Massie’s Mill, Nelson County, and lived in nearby Roseland, Virginia.

Dr. C. K. Anderson married Mary Barclay Rodes (1840-1929) on 5 Nov. 1861. Their children were Robert Kimbrough, Joseph Walker, and Mary Elizabeth Anderson. Dr. Anderson was active in the Episcopal Church, serving as treasurer of Nelson Parish for several years.

Dr. Anderson died at his home in Roseland, Virginia, in July 1898.


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