Oliveira B. Andrews (20 Mar. 1829-17 Aug. 1914)

Oliveira Andrews was born in Norfolk, Virginia. He was the son of Dr. Thomas F. Andrews (19 Mar. 1797-20 Jan. 1886) and his wife, Caroline Maria (or Maud) Sanford (ca. 1809-26 Mar. 1893). Dr. Andrews was a well-known doctor in antebellum Virginia. He had studied under Dr. John F. Oliveira Fernandes, who lived in Norfolk for many years before his return to Portugal in 1822. After pursuing his medical studies in Europe, Dr. Andrews returned to Norfolk and took over Oliveira Fernandes’s medical practice. He named his son after his former mentor.

Throughout his career, Dr. Andrews taught many young doctors. Several of his former students succumbed in the course of their duties during the yellow fever epidemic in Norfolk and Portsmouth in 1855. (Forrest) He was honored by a professorship in religious archaeology that his daughters founded in his memory at the new Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. (“Sketch of the life of Dr. Thomas F. Andrews,” 1889) This endowment is still in existence as part of the Andrews-Kelly-Ryan Professorship of Biblical Studies at CUA. (School of Theological and Religious Studies website)

Oliveira Andrews studied at Georgetown College, graduating in 1847 with a Master of Arts degree. (Memorial, 1891) He then attended Harvard University Law School for the year 1847-1848, and later the University of Virginia in session 25 (1848-1849). He practiced as a lawyer throughout his life.

Oliveira Andrews never married. He and his two sisters, Eliza and Kate, lived with their parents. In the 1850 census, the family was living in Norfolk. The Andrewses left Norfolk in 1852 (Alexandria Gazette), and in 1860, they were living in Washington, D.C. During the decade of the 1860s, Oliveira was a member of the Richmond, Virginia, social set and was a member of the Mosaic Club according to DeLeon’s Belles, beaux, and brains of the 60’s. In 1880, the Andrews family was living in Baltimore, MD, though Oliveira had already moved to board with the Atkinson family, where he is found in the 1900 and 1910 censuses. Andrews was a member of the Maryland Historical Society at the time of his death.

[Notes: Oliveira Andrews’ birth date was found in the U.Va. Matriculation Books; his death date was found in the Proceedings of the Maryland Historical Society in 1914. In various records, his name is spelled several ways, including Oliver, Olivera, Oliveiro, and Alweira. — jlc]


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