Walton Watkins (10 Jan. 1846-7 Jan. 1884)

Walton Watkins was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and was the son of George Claiborne Watkins (1815-1872) — Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court —  and his wife, Mary Adams Crease (1823-1855). Walton Watkins attended the University of Virginia in session 38 (1861-1862). He enlisted in the Confederate army when the Civil War broke out, and was commissioned a captain. He served in Company D of the 39th Arkansas Regiment. (Howerton) He fought in numerous battles, until he was wounded and captured in Missouri, and spent the rest of the war in Johnson’s Island Military Prison in Ohio as a prisoner of war. Walton Watkins married Susan Trezevant (1850-1902), and the couple had two children: Dr. Anderson Watkins and Heyward Watkins. Captain Watkins lived in Little Rock his entire life, and is buried in Mt. Holly Cemetery, Little Rock, Arkansas.


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