Charles Harper Anderson (18 Jun. 1848-13 Feb. 1920)

Charles H. Anderson was born at his family’s home in Albemarle County, “Locust Hill.” His parents were Dr. Meriwether Lewis Anderson (1805-1862), and his wife, Lucy Sydnor Harper (1811-1885). He attended the University of Virginia in session 41 (1864-1865).

On 15 Feb. 1872, Anderson married Sarah Travers Lewis Scott (1847-1926) at her family home “Bel-Air” in Spotsylvania County. Their children were Meriwether Lewis Anderson II, Sarah Travers Lewis Scott Anderson, Charles Harper Anderson, Alfred Scott Anderson, Jane Lewis Anderson (d. infant), Lucy Butler Anderson, Alden Scott Anderson, and one unnamed son who died young. Anderson made a career out of farming.

Charles Harper Anderson and Sarah Scott Anderson were buried in the family cemetery at “Locust Hill.”


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