Atkinson Family (Isle of Wight County, Virginia) (Part 2)

Captain Joseph Atkinson (1776-1832) and his wife, Margaret King West (ca. 1788-1857), of Smithfield, Virginia, had among their several children two sons who attended the University of Virginia. These were Joseph Newsom Atkinson (11 Jul. 1814-21 Nov. 1876) and George Robert Atkinson (4 Aug. 1823-29 Nov. 1909). They were second cousins once removed of Archibald Atkinson, Jr. and his brother, Robert Chilton Atkinson, who also attended U.Va.

Joseph N. Atkinson attended the University of Virginia in sessions 8-9 (1831-1833). He earned his M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1836, and wrote his final essay on “Acute Dysentery.” (Society of Alumni) In 1850, he was practicing as a physician in Smithfield. After the Civil War, he practiced in Norfolk , VA. In the 1870 U.S. Census, Dr. Atkinson’s profession is listed as “druggist.”

Dr. Atkinson married first, Emily P. Atkinson (1815-1858), a cousin (the daughter of Congressman Archibald Anderson of Smithfield and sister of the above-mentioned Archibald Jr. and Robert). They had the following children: Louis Vernon, Francke West, Frances Day, and Susan McDowell Taylor Atkinson. He married second, Helen Sinclair Scott (1827-1898), and they had a daughter, Emily Atkinson. Joseph and both of his wives are buried in the Ivy Hill Cemetery near Smithfield.

George R. Atkinson attended the University of Virginia in sessions 16-18 & 20 (1839-1842 & 1843-1844). He was a member of the Virginia legislature, and served as a Judge of the Circuit Court of Isle of Wight County, beginning in 1870 until at least 1895. He married Georgiana Taliaferro Conway (1822-1889), and the couple had the following children: Joseph Conway (d. age 16), George Robert, Edwin Fitzhugh, Lawrence Taliaferro, Margaret West, Mary Conway, Ann Hay, and Sarah E. Atkinson.

George R. Atkinson was buried at Ivy Hill Cemetery, in Smithfield, VA.


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