Augustus Hezekiah Ashford (6 Jul. 1817-5 Sep. 1843)

Augustus H. Ashford was the son of Thomas Harrison Ashford (1791-1861) of Virginia and his wife, Jane S. Elgin (1797-1861) of Maryland. The family moved to Alabama in 1819, and settled in Courtland in Lawrence County. Augustus attended the University of Alabama in 1835-36, then attended the University of Virginia in session 17 (1840-1841). He earned his M.D. at U.Va.

At this time, we do not know where or how Dr. Ashford died. However, it is known that he was not buried in the Ashford Cemetery near Oak View Plantation in Lawrence County, Alabama.

[Note: Birth date is from the Register of students, 1901; death date is from the Lucy Bibb Ashford Bible. Many thanks to Fred E. Rowe for his generous sharing of information. — JLC)


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