Powhatan Bolling Whittle (26 June 1829-21 Feb. 1905)

Powhatan B. Whittle was born at Millbank Plantation in Mecklenburg County, VA, and was the son of Fortescue Whittle (1778-1858) of Ireland and his wife, Mary Ann Davies (1788-1869), a descendant of Pocahontas through her grandmother, Anne, a daughter of John Bolling of Cobbs. The couple had 14 children (11 sons and 3 daughters), and Powhatan was the youngest. (Crowder) He attended the University of Virginia in sessions 24-26 (1847-1850). While there, he studied law.

Whittle moved to Macon, Georgia in the 1850s, where he set up his law practice with his brother, Lewis Neal Whittle. On the outbreak of the Civil War, Powhatan Whittle joined the Jackson Artillery of Georgia as a 1st lieutenant. When Virginia seceded from the Union, Whittle resigned from that unit, and joined the Macon Volunteers, already en route to Virginia. When he arrived, Virginia Governor John Letcher offered him the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and assigned him to recruit men for the 38th Virginia Infantry Regiment. (Crowder)

Whittle was wounded five times in battle, and lost his left arm at the Battle of Malvern Hill. He assumed command of the 38th Infantry at Gettysburg, and led the regiment at Pickett’s Charge, where the 38th reached farther into enemy territory than any other participating Confederate unit. (Crowder; Mitchell)

After the Civil War, Col. Whittle returned to Macon, GA, and resumed his law practice there. He served in the Georgia legislature and was Judge of the Macon Corporation Court. (Harden) Whittle never married or had children. He is buried in the Davies-Whittle Family Cemetery near Whittle’s Mill in Mecklenburg County. (Crowder)


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3 Responses to Powhatan Bolling Whittle (26 June 1829-21 Feb. 1905)

  1. Sharon Dorine Whittle says:

    This is a most interesting website. I am a descendent of Rebecca and Thomas Rolfe and the Whittle family. To my knowledge Powhatan Bolling Whittle did not have children. Edith Bolling married T. Woodrow Wilson. My sister Deborah Anne Whittle Merchant did attend University of
    Virginia. I am doing family research with the intent of writing a book.
    Sharon Dorine Whittle

    • I’m glad to have you confirm my statement that Powhatan Bolling Whittle never had children. Edith Bolling is only remotely related to the Whittles, so I didn’t mention her in my summary bio. Thanks for your comment.

    • Arthur Wallace Miller, Jr. says:

      Hello Sharon, I’m hoping you can shed some light on the following DNA test result. My Whittle family is further South in SC, Alabama, and Tennessee. I have found no connection with the Virginia Whittle family. Thank you in advance. Does anyone have any Whittle family tradition (SC, GA, Al) to verify the following. I’m aware that the Virginia Whittle family claims Powhatan as an ancestor. My GEDmatch (FN6040) shows Algonquin, Mayan, Aztec, Cree, Apache, Clovis, and Lumbee. —-Todd Williams – Art: after looking at your Family finder test results, it appears you have an autosomal familyline/link to John Rolfe and Pocahontas, George Reade and Nicholas Maritau, Charles Woodson, John Brewer. Enjoy!- Thank you.

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