Benjamin Franklin Wysor (24 Nov. 1813-26 May 1864)

B. F. Wysor was a son of Henry Wysor (ca. 1786-1844), a farmer in Montgomery County, Virginia, and his wife Cynthia Charlton (1787-1866). He attended the University of Virginia in sessions 11-12 (1834-1836).

On 1 Nov. 1846, Wysor married Harriet Jane Jordan (1823-1890). (Virginia Marriages) The couple lived at Newbern, VA. Their children were Hugh Swinton Legaré, William Wirt, Michael Jordan, Cynthia Elizabeth, Joseph C., James Henry, Nancy C., Belle, and Elizabeth “Bettie” Wysor. Cynthia, James, Belle, and Bettie died young.

Wysor was a lawyer as noted in the 1850 and 1860 U.S. censuses. He represented Pulaski County in the 1850-51 Virginia Constitutional Convention, and in the 1861 Virginia Secession Convention, where he voted for secession. While Wysor himself did not serve in the Confederate military, his sons Hugh, William, and Joseph did.

B. F. Wysor was killed by Federal troops after the Battle of Cloyd’s Farm on 9 May, 1864, which took place within a few miles of Dublin, Virginia. The Abingdon Virginian ran a special from a correspondent’s telegram, who reported on 12 May 1864:  “Hotel headquarters, two Government store-houses, Smithson’s house and Dr. Stearn’s house burned. … Cloyd’s house is full of wounded Yankees. B. F. Wysor discharged his gun at the Yankees as they went into Newbern, and was mortally wounded by them.” The newspaper editors added: “We regret to learn that Mr. Wisor died from his wounds.”

Wysor’s tombstone gives “26 May 1864” as his date of death, while the date of the telegram and the publication date of the newspaper suggest that Wysor died between 12 and 20 May, 1864.

B. F. Wysor and his wife were buried in Newbern Cemetery, Dublin, Virginia.


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