Cazenove Family of Fairfax County, Virginia

Antoine Charles Cazenove (1775-1852) was from a Huguenot family of Nîmes, France. In the 17th century, the family moved to Geneva, Switzerland. Antoine, his brother Jean-Paul, and his father Paul were imprisoned in Geneva during a revolution in July 1794 inspired by the French Revolution. They were soon released, and Antoine and Jean-Paul escaped to the United States, landing in Philadelphia in November 1794. Jean-Paul married Marie Hogan, and Antoine married her sister, Anne (1775-1843). He and his new wife settled in Alexandria, Virginia. (Askling) Their children were:  Elizabeth Frances (called Eliza Frances), Paul-Charles (d. infant), Charles-John, Ann Maria, Paulina, Louis-Albert, Charlotte Busti, Octavius-Anthony, Harriet, and William Gardner Cazenove. (Graves)

 William Gardner Cazenove (27 Oct. 1819-8 Aug. 1877), son of Antoine and Anne, attended the University of Virginia in session 17 (1840-1841), during which he earned a Bachelor of Law degree. During the Civil War, William served as a captain in the CSA. He was a member of the Virginia state legislature. After the war, he became a vice president of a railroad. On 29 Apr. 1847, he married Mary Elizabeth Stanard (1822-1892) of central Virginia. Their children were Anna, Constance, Anthony Charles, Fanny, and Charlotte Cazenove. Antoine (Anthony) Charles Cazenove (29 Oct. 1848-4 May 1897), the son of William and Mary Cazenove, attended the University of Virginia in session 44 (1867-1868). He was a merchant and lived in Baltimore, MD.

William Gardner’s brother, Louis-Albert (1807-1852), did not attend U.Va. himself. However, Louis Albert Cazenove Jr. (Oct. 1851-5 Oct. 1925), the son of his second marriage (1850) to Harriette Turbervil Stuart (ca. 1827-1896), attended the University of Virginia in sessions 49-51 (1872-1875). He was a member of Beta Theta Pi while at U.Va. He became a physician and practiced in Fairfax and in Richmond, Virginia, as well as in Minnesota. Louis Jr. married Mary O’Hara (1853-1890) of Fairfax. Their children were Louis Albert (1878-1952) and James O’Hara Cazenove (1880-1971). Both men attended Cornell University. [Louis Albert (b. 1878) changed his surname to “De Cazenove” and that is the name by which he is most generally known. — JLC] (Minnesota State Census; Alexandria Library; Cornell University)

Most of the members of the Cazenove family mentioned above are buried in Presbyterian Cemetery, Alexandria, VA.


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