Wyatt Family of Albemarle County, Virginia

Richard Ware Wyatt (1806-1881), of Goochland County, Virginia, and his wife, Harriet King Harris (1811-1888), had two sons and six daughters. Of their children, all except the youngest two girls were born at their home Oak Shade in Goochland County. In 1851, Richard W. Wyatt purchased Clifton, in Albemarle County–a property that had been part of Monticello–and the family lived there from 1851 until 1891.

The sons, Richard Overton Wyatt (18 Apr. 1837-16 Dec. 1861) and James Walter Wyatt (19 June 1841-3 June 1864) attended the University of Virginia. Richard Wyatt attended Randolph-Macon College and received an A.B. degree in 1858, and an A.M. degree in 1860. (Preston) He had joined the Sigma Chapter of Delta Psi fraternity there in 1857. (Delta Psi Fraternity) He then attended the University of Virginia in session 36 (1859-1860), and the next year enrolled in the medical program of the University of Maryland, graduating with an M.D. in 1861. (Cordell) When war broke out, he was appointed as an assistant surgeon in the Confederate service, and assigned to a hospital in Richmond, VA. As S. Bassett French’s notes state, “in the fall of 1861 [Richard Wyatt] contracted a deep cold, and after a most rapid decline [died on the] Dec. 16 following.”

James Wyatt attended sessions 36-37 (1859-1861) at the University of Virginia. He enlisted on 3 Jul. 1861 as a sergeant in the Albemarle Artillery, of which he later became a captain. This unit was organized in June 1861, and was initially designated Company H of the 1st Virginia Artillery and later reduced to the 1st Battalion of Virginia Light Artillery. At the battle of Gettysburg, the unit was attached to W. T. Poague’s Battalion of Artillery in the Army of Northern Virginia. James died at the Battle of Cold Harbor.

Both sons were buried in the family cemetery at Clifton, but in 1926 several family members were reinterred at Maplewood Cemetery in Charlottesville, Virginia.

[Note: Richard Wyatt’s death date is given as 16 Dec. on the family memorial stone and in the S. Bassett French Biographical Series, and 18 Dec. on the death record. James Wyatt’s birth date is given as 9 June on the memorial stone and 19 June in the S. Bassett French Biographical Series. –JLC]


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