Pembroke Mitchell Womble (28 Jan. 1827-30 Jan. 1903)

Pembroke M. Womble was the son of John Womble (1793-1858) and his wife, Alice Mitchell (1799-1854). He attended the University of Virginia in sessions 21-23 (1844-1847). He then attended Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia for his medical degree. Dr. Womble set up his medical practice in Baltimore, MD in 1848, and had one of the largest practices in the city.

He married Amanda Jane Chappell (1829-1905), and had two children. John G. Womble followed in his father’s footsteps and became a doctor; Pembroke Mitchell Womble Jr. became a prosperous lumber merchant. All four members of the Womble family are buried at Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, MD.


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