Wilson Cary Selden Alexander (8 Feb. 1836-29 Jan. 1859)

Cary Selden Alexander, as he was called, was the son of Dr. William Fontaine Alexander (1811-1862), and his first wife, Anna Maria Thomasina Blackburn Washington (1817-1850). The family moved to Walnut Hill in Jefferson County, VA, when their first two children were young. Anna Maria was the daughter of John Augustine Washington, whose father was Corbin Washington. His father was John Augustine Washington, the brother of President George Washington, making Cary Selden Alexander the 3x-great nephew of the President. The Alexanders had seven children, of whom Cary Selden was the eldest son. The youngest brother was Charles Armistead Alexander, who also attended U.Va.

Wilson Cary Selden Alexander attended the University of Virginia in sessions 30-31 (1853-1855). He studied Ancient Languages, Modern Languages, and Mathematics in his first year, and Modern Languages, Chemistry, and Moral Philosophy in his second. (University Catalog, 1853-54 & 1854-55)

He died unmarried at the age of 23, and was buried with his family in Zion Episcopal Churchyard, in Charlestown, WV.


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