Albert Benjamin Anderson (7 Jul. 1833-1875)

A. B. Anderson was the son of Albert Anderson (ca. 1796-1884), a farmer of Caroline County, Virginia, and his wife, Louisa Ann Day (1806-1865) of Hanover County, Virginia. A. B. Anderson attended the University of Virginia in session 29 (1852-1853), where he studied Ancient and Modern Languages. At some time after his graduation and before March 1862, the younger Anderson traveled to California. There he married Eliza (Singleton) Robinson (28 Oct. 1839-18 Dec. 1930), a widow with two daughters. (Gillespie) Her first husband, George Daniel Robinson, had died sometime before 19 Jun. 1860 (the date of the 1860 U.S. Census for San Bernardino, California), since Eliza was living with her two children next to her parents in that county.

“Mrs. [Eliza (Singleton) Robinson Anderson] Ousterhout was born in Manchester, Eng., but came to this country when she was just 6. The family pioneered through the Middle West, settling for a time in Ohio, and then coming out to Salt Lake City, where they lived for several years… Mrs.Ousterhout often related to her family and friends how she walked all the distance between Ohio and Utah, having an aversion to riding in the covered wagons. After the marriage [to Robinson], however, she drove a team and wagon across the plains to San Bernardino during the early Mormon trek into Southern California.” (Los Angeles Times, 23 Dec. 1930)

A. B. and Eliza Anderson had three daughters together: Louise Virginia, Arabella, and Alberta Anderson. The family appears in San Bernardino County in the 1870 U.S. Census under the name “Andrews,” an error by the census enumerator. After A. B. Anderson’s death in 1875, Eliza married Jeremiah “Jerry” Drake Ousterhout, her third husband, in 1876. In the 1880 U.S. Census the Ousterhouts are recorded as living next to Mrs. Mary Clyde, Eliza’s sister, and Robert Singleton, her father, again in San Bernardino County.


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