George Wayne Anderson Jr. (5 Aug. 1839-10 Aug. 1906)

George Wayne Anderson Jr. was the son of John Wayne Anderson (1805-1866) of Savannah, Georgia, and his wife, Sarah Ann Houstoun. John Wayne Anderson was the brother of George Wayne Anderson (1796-1872), whose son, Edward Clifford Anderson, Jr. (1839-1876) also attended the University of Virginia in sessions 33-36. The Andersons owned the Lebanon Plantation near Savannah, and a lot with a residence on it on Oglethorpe Avenue in Savannah. That lot is now home to the Ballastone Inn, a bed and breakfast inn that is on the National Register of Historic Places.

On 9 Jan. 1861, George Jr. married Katherine Hunter Berrien (1840-1916). The couple had four children: John Berrien, Frank Bartow, Katherine Berrien, and Lydia McLane Anderson.

George Jr. attended the University of Virginia in session 35 (1858-1859), where he studied Modern Languages, Moral Philosophy, and History and Literature. He enlisted in the Georgia 2nd Infantry Company (Republican Blues) on 31 May 1861, as a 2nd lieutenant, and worked his way up to major by 30 Apr. 1863. He took command of Fort McAllister on the Ogeechee River on 1 Feb. 1863, and remained in command until 13 Dec. 1864, when the fort was overtaken by Gen. Sherman’s army on its march to Savannah. (Durham) After the Civil War, George Jr. became a cotton merchant. (1870 U.S. Census)

[A slight genealogical diversion: The Andersons tended to use the same names over and over, so there are several other men in this Anderson family named George. These include Captain George Anderson (d. 1775) of Berwick, Scotland, who was the father of George Anderson (1767-1847), an alderman of Savannah in 1798, who was the father of George Wayne Anderson (1796-1872) and John Wayne Anderson.  Edward Clifford Anderson Jr. (1839-1876) had a son named George Wayne Anderson (1863-1922), who was born at Edgehill, in Albemarle County, Virginia and was also a U.Va. graduate. This man in turn had a son he named George Wayne Anderson (1896-1918), who went to U.Va.]


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