Henry Anderson (24 July 1829-18 Nov. 1862)

Henry Anderson was from Salem, Virginia. I have not been able to find a definitive answer to the identities of his parents, but evidence found in the 1850, 1860, and 1880 U.S. Censuses suggests that his mother’s maiden name was Mary Snyder.

He graduated from Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania with the class of 1852, then studied medicine at the University of Virginia in session 30 (1853-1854), where he studied Chemistry, Medicine, Physiology & Surgery, and Anatomy. After his graduation, he practiced in Philadelphia and in Baltimore.

On April 22, 1857, he married Anne Eliza Peterman, and they had two children: Jane R. and Henry Peterman Anderson. (Dickenson College)

At the outbreak of the Civil War, Anderson returned to Virginia to serve in the hospitals. In 1862, he was assigned to work at the Montgomery White Sulphur Springs Resort, which was designated a “Confederate general hospital and charged with caring for sick and wounded soldiers. By the end of the summer, the hospital was at capacity, with more than 400 patients. While there is no complete list of those who died in the hospital, the nearby cemetery is said to hold 265 graves.” (Special Collections, VPI)

Dr. Anderson died at Montgomery White Sulphur Springs in Montgomery County, Virginia, in 1862.


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