Joseph Reid Anderson, Jr. (22 Feb. 1851-[ca. 31 Jan.] 1930)

Joseph R. Anderson, Jr., was the son of General Joseph Reid Anderson, Sr., (1813-1892), the owner of Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia, and his wife, Sarah Eliza Archer (1819-1881). (Among their several children were Archer Anderson, who also went to U.Va., and Ellen Graham Anderson, who married her cousin William Alexander Anderson.)

Anderson Junior attended Virginia Military Institute in 1870-1871 (VMI Photo), then attended the University of Virginia in session 48 (1871-1872).


Joseph R. Anderson Jr. as a cadet at VMI.

On 8 Oct. 1873, Anderson Junior married Anne Watson Barbour Morris (1851-1895) (Richmond Whig, 9 Oct. 1873). Their children were Morris (spelled “Maurice” on the birth record), Julian W., Joseph Reid Jr., and Calvert Allan Anderson. (U.S. Census, 1880-1930) There are indications that they had two additional sons, George Watson Anderson and William Anderson, who died young, but these two names do not appear in the U.S. Census.

Anderson, Jr., succeeded his father in running the Tredegar Iron Works. Later in his life he served as the “historiographer” for the Virginia Military Institute, and wrote a book entitled, Record of Service in the World War of V. M. I. Alumni and their alma mater. (University of Virginia, Directory of living alumni, 1921)

Joseph Reid Anderson, Jr. died in early 1930 and was buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA on 31 Jan. 1930. (Hollywood Cemetery)


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