Archer Family (Fauquier County, VA)

William B. Archer (21 Dec. 1814-between 28 Oct. and 31 Dec. 1847) was born in Richmond, VA. I believe him to be the son of Colonel William Archer (1780-1822) of Powhatan, and his wife, Charlotte Clarke, daughter of Major John Clarke of Keswick (“The Archer Family,” 19 May 1889).

Young Archer attended the University of Virginia in sessions 9-10 & 12 (1832-1834 & 1835-1836), earning a Bachelor of Law. (UVA Matriculation Books) In sessions 9 and 10, William B. Archer’s guardian was named as Major John Clarke, possibly his maternal grandfather.

On 12 Jan. 1837, Archer married Mary Marshall (1816-1878) (Alexandria Gazette, 5 Jan. 1878), a granddaughter of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall. ([Wedding announcement], Richmond Enquirer) The couple had three children, Thomas Marshall, William Segar, and Elizabeth (“Lizzie”) Archer. Thomas later attended U.Va.

“William B. Archer and others announced in the Enquirer on December 8 [1846], their intention to organize a company in Richmond to consist of volunteers from the eastern counties which could not raise companies.” (Wallace, p. 49) William B. Archer, now a captain in Company I (the Marshall Guard) of the 1st Virginia Volunteers, and his men arrived in Mexico in early in 1847 to join General Zachary Taylor’s army. The Virginia Volunteers returned to Richmond in early August of 1848. (“Arrival of the Volunteers”)

In the year that they were in Mexico, many of the men and officers succumbed to disease. By 9 Aug. 1847, Captain Archer was back in Richmond, VA. From there, his doctor sent a letter to the War Department stating that Archer was too ill to return to active duty. Two months later, on 28 Oct. 1847, Archer wrote to the U.S. War Department—again from Richmond—saying that he was still too ill to return to duty. With that letter is a letter from Archer’s doctor stating that Captain Archer was “suffering from disordered bowels.” (Possibly a case of dysentery caught in the camp?) (Letters Received by the Office of the Adjutant General Main Series 1822-1860) In any case, Captain William B. Archer died sometime between 28 Oct. and 31 Dec. 1847.

Currently, I do not know where Captain Archer is buried. Mary Marshall Archer and two of the Archer children, William Segar Archer and Lizzie Archer, are buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond. Thomas Marshall Archer is buried in Thornrose Cemetery, in Staunton, VA.

[Note: William B. Archer’s date of birth is taken from the UVA Matriculation Books, for sessions 10 and 12; in session 9, he gave the date of his birth as 29 Dec. 1814. I should also warn the researcher that there were several men named Archer in the ranks of the volunteers in the Mexican War, including one man also named William B. Archer who later settled in Illinois. In addition, there is a contemporary William S. Archer who served both in the Virginia House of Delegates and the United States Senate and House of Representatives.—JLC]

Thomas Marshall Archer (5 Oct. 1837-28 Nov. 1881) was from Fauquier County, VA, the son of William B. Archer (above) and his wife, Mary Marshall. He attended the University of Virginia in sessions 33-34 (1856-1858), and studied to be a lawyer.

T. Marshall Archer served in the Confederate army in the 38th Battalion of the Virginia Light Artillery (Fauquier Artillery) as a second lieutenant. He was wounded in August 1862 at Rappahannock Station, VA., and was wounded again at Plymouth, NC on 20 Apr. 1864. He was on sick leave until late December 1864, when he was assigned to light duty in Richmond, VA. He surrendered at Appomattox Court House, on 9 Apr. 1865.

Marshall Alexander

Record of T. Marshall Archer noting he had been paroled at Appomattox Court House, April 9, 1865. From the Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of Virginia.

After the war, T. Marshall Archer lived in Culpeper County, VA, where he was a lawyer with the firm of Archer & Morton. (Alexandria Gazette, 5 Jan. 1878) He was a representative to the Conference of Conservative Electors in 1872, representing Culpeper.

The following excerpt appeared in the Daily Dispatch on 13 Feb. 1878, 

The friends of Mr. T. Marshall Archer will be pleased to learn of his improved condition since he has been an inmate of the lunatic asylum at Staunton. His family have received a letter from one of the resident physicians of that institution to that effect, and giving encouragement to hope that he may ultimately be restored. He was adjudged a lunatic by a commission consisting of Mayor Stanard and Justices Alcocke and Nalis, upon the evidence of Drs. Rixey, Lewis, and Jeffries, and sent to the asylum about two weeks ago.

In 1881, he died in Staunton, Virginia, and was buried at the Thornrose Cemetery in that city. At this time, I do not know if he was married or had any children.

[Note: Thomas Archer’s birth date is from the UVA Matriculation Books. The death date of 28 Nov. 1881 is from Historical Data Systems. Archer’s tombstone in Thornrose Cemetery says he died on 5 Nov. 1881.—JLC]


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