John Austin (24 Dec. 1819-after Jan. 1852)

John Austin was a son of Archibald Austin (1772-1837) of Buckingham County, Virginia, and his wife, Grace Richardson Booker (b.1789). Archibald Austin was a lawyer, and had served in the Virginia House of Delegates and in the U.S. House of Representatives of the Fifteenth Congress, and as a presidential elector in 1832 and 1836.

John attended the University of Virginia in session 27 (1850-1851), where he studied chemistry, medicine, and anatomy & surgery. While at the University, his “parent or guardian” was his mother, Mrs. G. R. Austin, living at the family’s home in Buckingham Court House. John subsequently attended the Philadelphia College of Medicine in Philadelphia. (Austin-Twyman Papers; U.Va. Matriculation Books)

In an article that appears in the January, 1852 edition of The Stethoscope, and Virginia Medical Gazette, John Austin is listed as a founding member of the Buckingham Medical Society. (Yeck) At this time, I can find no additional information about John Austin after that date.


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One Response to John Austin (24 Dec. 1819-after Jan. 1852)

  1. Joanne Yeck says:

    The Austin family left deep roots in Buckingham County. Thanks, Jean, for sending your readers to Slate River Ramblings. Joanne

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