Benjamin Allen (1 Jan. 1838-12 Dec. 1895)

Benjamin Allen was born in Benton County, Alabama, the son of Dr. Elijah Allen (1802-1856) and his wife, Acenith Louisa Hollingsworth (1811-after 1859). The family moved from Alabama to Nacogdoches, Texas, between March 1836 and Oct 1837, when Elijah Allen claimed land in that area. Dr. Allen served as physician in the 3rd brigade of Texas Militia, Regiment of Mounted Riflemen, for one month in 1841. (Sparks)

Benjamin studied at McKenzie College, Clarksville, TX, and taught high school at Mt. Enterprise from 1858 until 1859.[1] He attended the University of Virginia in session 36 (1859-1860), and studied Chemistry, Medicine, Anatomy & Surgery, and Anatomy. He later taught at McKenzie College and in several other Texas schools. (Sparks)

Benjamin Allen married first Monnie Margaret “Mattie” Ross (1842-1862) on 12 Dec. 1861. The couple had one daughter, Monnie Mary Allen (1862-1875). Between 1862 and 1870, Allen married secondly Mary M. “Mattie” Lawler (1848-1915). He and his second wife had 6 children, Walter Payne, Laura, Benjamin, Blanch, George Marion, and Albert Earl Allen.

Benjamin Allen has two tombstones, one in Allen City Cemetery in Athens, Henderson County, Texas, and the other in Oakland Memorial Park, in Terrell, Kaufman County, TX, so it is unclear exactly where he is actually buried. (; Sparks)

[1] According to Sparks, the book History of Kaufman County, Texas, vol. 2, states that Benjamin Allen taught at the high school in Mt. Enterprise from 1858-1861. However, according to the U.Va. Matriculation Books, he was in Charlottesville, Virginia, at the University of Virginia for part of that time.


Allen, Benjamin tombstones, Allen City Cemetery in Athens, Henderson County, Texas  and Oakland Memorial Park, Terrell, Kaufman County, TX.

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