Charles William Cary (20 Sep 1826-23 Aug 1852)

Charles William Cary was the son of Captain Cyrus Cary (1794-1832) of Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, Virginia (now West Virginia), and his wife Mary Skiles Arbuckle. ( Cyrus Cary was a member of the Virginia Legislature from Greenbrier County in the session of 1829-1830.

Charles first attended the Virginia Military Institute, graduating in 1848. He then attended the University of Virginia in sessions 25-26 (1848-1850), where he studied medicine. In 1851, he graduated from the Medical College of Philadelphia. (VMI Historical Rosters Database, UVA Matriculation Books, Gayley)

Dr. Cary apparently started his practice in Lewisburg, but died there in 1852 of consumption at “Montescena,” the home of his Uncle David S. Creigh. (NRHP Form) Though there is no grave marker, Dr. Cary was buried at Old Stone Presbyterian Church in Lewisburg.


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