Ambler Family (Virginia) – Part 3

(Part 1 starts here.  Part 2 is here.)

Another son of the Hon. John Ambler by his first wife, Frances Armistead, was John Jaquelin Ambler (1801-1854) of Glenambler in Amherst County, VA and Jaquelin Hall in Orange County, VA. John Jaquelin married Elizabeth Barbour, and the couple had three children: John Jaquelin Ambler (31 Oct. 1828-May 1901), Philip Barbour Ambler (8 Oct. 1834-1 Feb. 1902), and Ella Ambler. John and Philip both attended U.Va., John in sessions 24-25 (1847-1849) and Philip in sessions 28-30 (1851-1854).

John Jaquelin Ambler (1828-1901) married for the first time in 1857, to Laura Beverly Davies (1837-1885), and had children: Laura Carter, John Jaquelin (1) (d. infant), Elizabeth Barbour, Beverly Landon, John Jaquelin (2), Edward C., and Ella Cary Ambler (d. infant). Ambler’s second wife, whom he married in 1890, was Sallie C. Davies, with whom he had one child, Frankie Preston Ambler. The family lived in Lynchburg, VA, where John was a bookseller. Later in life, he moved back to Glenambler.

Philip Barbour Ambler married, in 1864, Willie Harrison Nicholas (b. 1840), and had one child, John Nicholas Ambler, who became a professor at Roanoke College. Philip was a teacher at schools such as Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Hollins Institute in Roanoke, Mrs. Ramsey’s Seminary, and Seven Islands High School.

References for Parts 1-3:

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